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Design for the Ages at Low Prices: The Universe of Millennium Furniture

Millennium Furniture provides households like yours with stunning Georgian and Victorian reproduction pieces and sets for every room. If your motto is “don’t change perfection,” preferring timeless designs to fads, this marvelous brand is for you. Since Millennium Furniture has teamed with the world’s largest furniture maker, Ashley, its prices have dropped tremendously while still giving you gorgeous design and solid construction.

Your Dream Becomes Reality: Millennium Living Room Furniture

If your ideal front room or study resembles what you see in historical dramas, Millennium living room furniture is what you seek. Enjoy top-grain leather upholstery and rich veneers atop durable engineered wood frames. Better still, revel in Millennium’s exquisite details right out of a European master craftsman’s repertoire, such as intricate moldings with medallions and plumes. A romantic leather-clad chaise is unlike anything else you’ve seen in a store. Accent chairs upholstered in jute add distinction to your decor. As for Millennium’s vision of a coffee table, this hand-finished all-time favorite boasts amenities such a tabletop with four beveled marble triangle inlays, and a base with depictions of acanthus leaves and shells. Finish your living-room vision with an oversized accent ottoman sporting a button-tufted top and nailhead trim.

A Choice Among Classics: Millennium Bedroom Furniture

For America’s all-time favorite, the stately queen bed, Millennium bedroom furniture affords you more than one style. You can go with the Victorian/Edwardian theme of its prestigious North Shore line. Or, if your house’s look lends itself better to Georgian/Early American, peruse Millennium’s selection of Porter beds and accessory furnishings. Lovers of rustic decor have their niche too in Millennium’s Prentice line featuring lighter shades. Millennium Furniture beds also come in king size.

An Air of Elegance: Millennium Dining Room Furniture

Just when you thought nobody would give you a break, Orbit Furniture presents you with a complete Millennium dining room furniture set — not only an extension table and upholstered chairs but a handsome and practical buffet as well as a breathtaking china cabinet for wedding gifts and other heirlooms. Appear “to the manor born” with the hallowed air of tradition gracing your big family meals, but for hundreds less than you expected to pay!

The quality you expected from rare antiques is something you CAN afford with all-new Millennium Furniture. Stop by one of our Brooklyn, NY stores!